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Why you should give every college class a chance

September 06, 2017 @ 4:32 PM by Janelle Higdon

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Students share the top 10 classes that surprised them

You might not be expecting to love every class you take in college. And truth be told, you probably won't. That being said, you should give every course a chance. You might end up surprised by the class that you weren't expecting to like--it might even end up being your favorite.

Some entry-level college courses might seem like they're going to be boring. Others might have yawn-worthy titles and course descriptions. If you're attending a Christian university, you might be dreading learning the ancient language of Hebrew, or dissecting Bible passages in Hermeneutics.

But before you check out and stare into the corner of your Art Appreciation classroom, take time to be surprised by stellar faculty or class conversation that challenges you to think in a new way. 

Here are 10 classes that North Central students were surprised that they loved:

  1. Biology
    "My professor experimented with many types of teaching styles. I appreciated it so much because she structured the class so that if you put in the work and tried, it benefited you. It was a tough class for me, but it was all because of the professor that I came out with an A."

  2. Art appreciation
    "The teacher was passionate and engaging and I learned a ton about an important subject and discovered a passion of my own. I went back and took Art Appreciation 1, even though I didn't need it at all."

  3. Human relations
    "There was heavy class discussion. We got to experience different culture and views, and we talked heavily on issues that are major concerns in our world today."

  4. Classical literature
    "My professor was passionate, knowledgeable, and truly cares for students. She made you want to learn, even though classical lit wasn't my thing at first."

  5. Hermeneutics
    "This class changed how I thought about the Bible. It spurred me to think for myself."

  6. Rhetoric and research
    "The professor inspired me as a writer in the way he structured the class, and he also took the time to get to know the students and be personable with them. I felt personally mentored and empowere throughout the entirety of the semester."

  7. Writing for the mass media
    "This class was far from easy. It was challenging, time-consuming, and at times, frustrating. However, I got more real-world experience from it than I ever had from any other class."

  8. Hebrew
    "The flexibility my professor exuded to make sure we understood the complexities of a dead language was incredible and deeply enriched my understanding of scripture."

  9. Personal formation and the spiritual leader
    "The teaching style was always a discussion instead of always lectures. I would not only learn from the professor, I also learned from the other students in the class."

  10. Prison epistles
    This class was taught with the expectation that each student is an individual. She made an effort to push each student where they were at. 

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